The Pringle Laboratory

Ecology & Evolution of Fungi


The missions of the Pringle lab are to publish excellent science and have a lot of fun as we make our discoveries: our twin aims are data and joy. We believe the best science happens in a diverse lab whose members come from all walks of life and every corner of the globe, and we welcome you and respect whatever path brought you to us.

About Us

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  • The Pringle laboratory focuses on the biology of species whose life histories and body plans seem very different from our own. Fungi encompass a hetereogeneous array of both microbes and macrobes, and the Pringle laboratory uses fungi as tools to test and elucidate general principles of ecology and evolution.

    What We Study

    Ascobolus spores being launched from ascus.

    A population of Coccomyces dentatus growing on a leaf. Individuals are delineated by black lines, signalling antagonistic interactions.

    Population Biology of
    Modular Organisms
    Spores of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from a North Carolina field.

    Cooperation and Interactions
    A phylogeny of one group of transposable elements in Amanita.

    Genetic Architecture
    of Symbiosis
    Mutualism and Invasion

    Invasion Biology &
    Conservation of Fungi

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    Our Amanita collections

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